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  • Great advancements are happening in our plight to assist and alleviate the constraints of Diabetes. Take a Look at the article printed in the UK Daily Mail: Mail Online Sunday 5 January 2014... read more 08/01/2014
    • A systematic review of waist-to-height ratio as a screening tool for the prediction of cardiovascular disease and diabetes: 0.5 could be a suitable global boundary value... read more 13/11/2013
    • CWP Slimmer features in the Daily Express today!... read more 27/11/2012 
    • Osteoarthritis sufferers are singing the praises of Cambridge Weight Plan designed specifically to help older people reclaim their lives!... read more 12/07/2012 
    • Cambridge Manufacturing Co. Ltd wins Queen's Award... read more 23/06/2012
    • The radical diet to beat arthritis ... read more 04/06/2012
    • Sober and svelte Lauren Goodger cuts a stylish figure in an understated LBD at the MIB 3 premiere - The 25-year-old showed off the latest results of her Cambridge Diet when she took to the blue carpet at the Men In Black 3 premiere last night in London... read more 02/05/2012
    • Obesity: The walking financial time bomb - While many countries watch their financial debts mount, there is another ticking timebomb walking the streets, says obesity expert Professor Tony Leeds... read more 02/04/2012
    • In search of the 'holy grail' of dieting - For years nutritionists have been in search of the most effective diet but they all seem to have one problem - they leave us feeling hungry... read more 16/03/2012
    • The Sleeping killers behind the wheel - A big increase in obesity threatens to cause health problems for millions of people across the world... read more 10/03/2012
    • Liquid diet plans - Nutritional expert professor Mike Lean carries out research using Cambridge Weight Plan. Plus check out Louise's fantastic story!... read more  08/02/2012
    • Read Emma's inspirational and brave story. Her weight loss helped her achieve a lifetime ambition... read more 06/02/2012



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